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Hiking in Ramona and surrounding areas Poway, Escondido

I love hiking and running. For me it’s just a great feeling being outside, surrounded by mountains. I know its corny but it's a feeling of freedom. I don’t turn on my cell phone EVER on a hike, although I do have some diehard walking buds that actually get lots of their calls returned while walking. Not me, I just like to walk.
I have grown more fond of hiking since moving to Ramona 8 years ago. I consider it to be great “family” time when I can get out with my husband and two teen age kids. While it’s not always peaceful, we do manage to enjoy much of it. It gives us “chat” time, as any parent of a teenager knows these are rare moments we treasure. Once away from the cell phones, ipods, tv, computer and the endless distractions, it does become a relaxing getaway from hectic life.
We have enjoyed some of the most amazing, scenic views in and around our hometown Ramona. Maybe that’s part of the beauty of it- we don’t even have to go far. Just get up and go.
Although I will admit, it is hard to beat our annual Grand Canyon hike (which for you hikers that have not been, all I can say is it’s AMAZING!) some hikes in Ramona have come close.

So here are some of my favorites so far:
Mt Woodson- This one is a favorite among locals because you can make it as hard as you want. It is one of the steeper climbs. There are some girls in my office that run up Mt Woodson several times a week. More power to them but I'm not quite there yet. I like hiking up. You get a real good work out and amazing views from up there. Some of the boulders are the largest I have ever seen. For more details and directions.

Mt. Gower: Gower is one of my favorites because it is close to my house but once you are up there it feels civilizations away. It may not be as steep as Mt Woodson but is is a long trek up the mountain. I did actually run part of this because its not so steep. Breathtaking views as well. Click here for a map and all the details.

or lots of information on the County of San Diego Mt Gower preserve.

Iron Mountain: This is great hike within the city limits of Poway. It can be steep and it can get very hot so take lots of water. The distance is about 6.5 miles round trip so its doable for most of the family. It will take about 4.5 hrs but it's well worth it. Its a clean trail with lots of flowers and birds and views of North County to die for. If you get all the way to the top you can see all San Diego County. Located at HWY 67 and Poway Rd. For directions click here.

San Pasqual: Clevenger Canyon N&S Trails. In my opinion, a more challenging hike. You can reach theses trails from HWY 78 between Escondido and Ramona. The North trail crosses Santa Ysabel Creek in the canyon bottom and more rugged terrain on the slopes. This is not an easy trail, it is about 10 miles with much of it overgrown. For more info click here.

SDCE: This trail is one I run quite often. It is located in the SDCE across from tennis courts on San Vicente. I am not sure how long it is but I run about 2.8 miles round trip. It is a short run and good workout because not only does it have "work out" stations strategiacally located along the trail but there are many hills and straight aways so I can catch my breath. You have to share trail with bikers and horses. But there is plenty of room for all.

For a great site for all the ramona trails for hiking,running and horses click here.There are still so many places I still want to hike around Ramona. I have heard the punch bowl in SDCE is quite fun too. I still need to get there. I guess that will have to wait until I return all my calls. Can you guess where these pictures were taken? Seen any great hiking or running spots in Ramona? Do share.

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