Thursday, May 28, 2009

5 Habits of Highly Effective Sellers

Don’t Just Show Your Home – Show It Off

Like it or not, your home is competing with many more homes in the area. Buyers buy on emotion, not rationale; therefore, even the savviest marketing program in the world can only bring lots of buyers into your home – it can't make them WANT the home. A motivated seller will do everything possible to promote the property’s strengths. For suggestions, see our "How to Show Your Home" flyer.

Commit to a Long-Term Listing Only with a Performance-Specific Guarantee

Don't rely on verbal promises. Make sure that when you enter into a listing agreement, you receive a written guarantee of performance, with the option to cancel without charge if those standards are not met. Otherwise, any vague language may result in a performance dispute that will only end up hobbling your sale in the long run.

Obtain a Lender Appraisal Before Listing the Property

How would you feel if your home sold for $150,000, only find out from the bank appraiser that it was worth $175,000? In today's real estate market, this happens more often than you’d think. Eventually, your home will have to be appraised by a state licensed bank appraiser anyway. Why risk losing several extra thousands of dollars in your pocket?

Insider Secret: Buyers are afraid of paying too much for a house. That's why they often make low offers. A certified bank appraisal helps you sell for full price because the buyer can see that the price was established by a professional third party.

Secure Financing Terms and Commitment for Potential Buyers

Before you can consider deeming any buyer as “serious”, you should obtain a pre-approval letter from the lender before taking the time and effort to start the process. After all, what could be more heartbreaking than believing you’ve sold your house, only to find out the buyer is not in the financial position he represented?

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