Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Town Hall needs our help!

Our historic Town Hall is being restored and Ramona Town Hall, Inc. is asking our community for help in finishing the restorations. After it was built in 1894, it has served as our town’s first library, movie theater, high school, bank, dance hall, justice court, and many other firsts. Now, seismic retrofit and restoration of the Main Hall has to be done and they are looking to raise $1,500,000. Ramona Town Hall, Inc. is holding a raffle to win a free car! All of the proceeds go to restoration of our Town Hall. The raffle tickets are priced at $50 each and the drawing will take place next year! Tickets are available at The Old Town Ramona Antique Fair at 734 Main St. Stop in to our office to pick up an informational brochure about our historic Town Hall.

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