Friday, June 6, 2014

drab2fab project on 536 F street, Ramona

July 12, 2014: We are done! Staging is done and it looks great! It took 4 hours to prep and stage today. This was both exhausting and exhilarating! Can’t wait for open house tomorrow. ___________________________________________________ July 11, 2014: Almost there! Grand Re-opening Open House is this weekend (Sun July 13: 11-1)! So excited to be nearing the end of our drab2fab project. Just putting on the final touches now. It has taken 5 solid weeks of continuos work from seller, myself, and some help from my my handyman, designer/stager, housekeeper and gardner. I am so pleased with our progress and can’t wait to roll out all the pictures for our Open House this Sunday. It has been a leap of faith and we hope that all the hard work will pay off in the end. Will post final pics soon. ________________________________________________________ Today we work on the final touches: mowing, touch up painting and finally carpet cleaning. Almost there! July 6, 2014: We are now a month into our project. Countdown to Open House next weekend- Drab2fab project at 536 F street. We are almost there! It will be a busy week: • Finish painting hallway and 3 bedrooms. Mon,Tues, Wed) • Paint eaves • Handyman repairs to complete (all week) • Entire house cleaned top to bottom (thurs) • Cleaning carpets (thurs) • Staging-the fun part! (Fri) • OPEN HOUSE: Sunday! Stayed tuned for the fabulous photos at the end of the week _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Drab2fab-536 F street Ramona: Days 5 ,6, 7 & 8: Still painting. But making progress. DAYS 5&6: Everyone pitching in painting living room and dining room and front door to match pretty blue shutters. DAY 7&8: Finished living room and started on the first bedroom and kitchen. Mantel accent strip started as white, then blue then finally Sand. Sand is much better to bring out the natural stones in fireplace. This bright pink bedroom is now warm sand and tan. _____________________________________ DAY 3: Shutters are in! Can't wait to hang these. ______________________________________________- DAY 4: Finished power wash and touch up trim paint in front. Freshened the white chairs in front and added simple plant. Grass is growing and nice and green now. On to more packing... More painting pics for Day 2. We made great progress. Exterior trim in front touched up, looks better already. ____________________________________________________________________ DAY 2: Drab2fab Day 2: Over the weekend I matched the exterior paint and will be touching up the paint in the front of home. There really is nothing that adds brightness to a home like a fresh coat of paint. Once painted, shutters will be added to two front windows and the front door painted to match the shutters. Also bought all bedding, pillows, lamps and throws for color theme throughout the home. House is now power washed and prepped for painting so here we go! After pics to follow... _________________________________________________________________ Day 1 of our drab-to-fab makeover of 536 F street. Can’t wait! On the task sheet today: we begin with the 3 box method; keep, throw away & garage sale. SHOUT OUT and big thanks to Claudia Dufresne design for the practical advice and task sheet to complete our makeover. This home is going to be adorable…pics to come. 6.5.14: DAY 1 UPDATE: Lots of Success to share for our 1st day. In 3 hours today we started the 3 box method of de-clutter and got all belongings ready for Saturdays garage sale! I did hire an assistant and the process moved much quicker. Gardner came and cleaned up front and back yards, wow it looks so much better already. My main goal for today was to clear the table top and counter and we did both. Looking forward to Day 2: refreshing exterior paint trim and my favorite thing, choosing paint color for the door to match new window shutters. Success!

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