Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Headlights on 67

Traffic Alert: Heads up, it looks like the CHP are now enforcing the headlights law on State Route 67. In the past they may have overlooked people without their headlights on but lately they are stopping cars along State route 67. I received an inside scoop Sunday that the CHP were now issuing tickets for not having headlights on while driving 67. My insider also said fine could be up to $230. So I checked it out for myself, while going down the hill Sunday and sure enough, right around the bend at Mt. Woodson there was a CHP pulling people over. Many people I noticed did not have their headlights on, they may not even know about the headlights law, although there are many signs posted along the route. To clarify, the law states:
On State Route 67 between Lakeside and Ramona (appx 11 miles) drivers are required to use their headlights 24 hrs a day 7 days a week. (Not just when wipers are on like many believe).
I’m all for it if it will increase safety along this route 67. For further information click here.

Copyright 2009-Regina Flores

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